Location: Florence, Italy
Year: 2011
Client: Giulio Tanini
Surface: 1200 sqm
Award: BEST SHOWROOM AWARD at the Cersaie Fair, 2020

Winner of The Best Showroom Award 2011 at the Cersaie Fair Bologna, the new Giulio Tanini showroom in Florence was thought of as a very clean, rational almost rigorous container. The large space is divided into several smaller spaces, dedicated to bathroom furniture and accessories. The new building is a large open space, It was thought of as an art gallery divided into different sections. Each section is divided into smaller niches that exhibit a separate setting of bathroom furniture and accessories.

The other part of the store is destined for the surface display and coverings. Boxes are made like pages in a catalog, where each product is clearly shown with all its variations. Each display was studied to host a specific product, with its own internal logic and maximum simplicity. Each ‘page’ of the catalog is surrounded by a border of florescent light giving it a light, floating sensation despite its large dimensions. This neutral space has two focal points: the staircase leading to the ground floor, painted in strong red color, and a sitting area decorated by a group of colorful suspension Miyako lamps also designed by Studio 63 for Danese Milano.