Location: Via Montenapoleone 1, Milan, Italy
Year: 2007
Surface: Sqm 22

The concept for the Rosato Retail Design Stores derives from the brand’s slogan, Gold is Glam.
We wanted the space to resemble a gold mine, a very luxurious, glamorous gold mine. The white ceramic walls have an organic form as if handmade. On their surface are organic shaped ‘holes’ carved out to form the display window.  The rest of the walls and ceiling are made of gold leafs, the floor is covered with off white color moquette, the lighting is very soft and elegant, all lighting fixtures are hidden.
In the center of the room there is a cascade of gold ‘particles’ coming down from the ceiling as if the elaborated gold excavated from the walls. 
All the materials used are precious materials that reflect the use of gold, silver and diamonds in the jewelry.  Some of the products have a sense of one of a kind or hand made products and so does the space that seems to be molded by hand. The space is very clean and glamorous.