Location: Riccione, Italy
Year: 2007
Client: Sixty Group
Surface: hotel 1280 sqm; roof garden: 275 sqm
Award: CONTRACTWORLD AWARD for Best Hotel Design, 2008;
SLEEP AWARD for Best Refurbishing / Restoration of Existing Hotel, 2007

Winner of the CONTRACTWORLD AWARD for Best Hotel Design 2008 and SLEEP AWARD for Best Restoration of Existing Hotel, The Sixty Hotel located on the Adriatic coast between Rimini and Riccione is without a doubt the mecca of young Italian leisure. Every summer and weekend year-round hundreds of hotels and clubs attract hoards of tourists from all across Italy and Central Europe. It is considered the epitome of extravagant, wild nights. It’s the evolution, in a way, of the portrait miraculously immortalized by Fellini in his 1953 film “I Vitelloni”, even if very little of that spirit and that Italy are left today.

The new Sixty Hotel perfectly inserts itself into this youthful, alternative context. The hotel’s target is decidedly the under-thirty crowd, and its underlying concept aims to offer its guests a special stay, something fun that goes beyond the commonplace vacation.

The project unfolds over four stories of an anonymous building from the fifties, whose look is radically transformed with the simple addition of an external skin that recalls a playful world of cartoons and comics: a white façade, a shield pierced by fluid oval-shaped openings of various sizes, as if the wall was made of a gummy, elastic material. Blue stripes of light make this view a curious, interesting lure for passers-by.

The interior, then, becomes an ever-changing discovery in each room, with designs completely entrusted to the creativity of thirty young artists (half of whom are Italian, half foreign, all selected by Studio 63 along with Galleria Neon in Bologna, who contributed to the personalization of each room with their art.