Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2007
Client: Binda Retail Srl
Surface: 37 sqm
Award: PDRA AWARD for Best Retail Interior, 2007

The new concept for Breil stores in Naples (opening December 2006) and Shanghai (opening March 2007)has been developed by Studio 63 Architecture + Design, which has successfully interpreted the brand’s philosophy by understanding the importance of the stores’ fittings, from the choice of materials through to the way in which the products are displayed.
The new Breil Shop is actually based on a concept of flexibility and dynamism. The fundamental element is the “pixel wall”, which is made up of shaped cubes of varying sizes sealed with interchangeable panels set into the boxes. 
The layout has been designed to allow the cubes to be mixed and matched. This gives the area a feeling of movement that can be reinvented whenever necessary simply by playing with the graphics, colours and plasma screens that have been used for the cubes’ “lids”.
This system provides a perfectly dynamic display area for the products that can be constantly changed in any of the shops.
The “touch wall” represents another distinctive element. This is an interactive display wall that enables the customer to discover the products by simply touching the flashing luminous leds on the wall’s surface; these then activate a display light to reveal the product behind the wall. 
The display counters follow the same principle and are designed to display the products horizontally: the internal design of the display cabinets uses geometric elements of varying heights which are positioned to display the products on different levels. This creates a visual effect that brings to mind a bird’s-eye view of the city, as if every display cabinet contains the energy of an individual built-up area. 
Carefully selected materials and chromatic effects have been used to give the stores the “wow factor”, making them more welcoming and elegant: the contrast between black and white, atmospheric lighting and the use of surfaces that are soft to the touch all help to accentuate the stores’ bold character, which is the concept’s real leitmotiv.
There are currently 22 Breil Shops situated in the most important Italian and international markets, such asMilan, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and Barcelona.
New strategic openings will enrich the retail project in terms of both quantity and quality.
Since the project first began in 2002, the Breil Shop became the epitome of the Breil World, a real multi-sensorial and emotional experience in which the consumer can identify. Now that Breil has redefined itself as a lifestyle brand the shop plays an even more important role.